TOS for Publishers

The following are the basic terms of service that apply to publishers. If you have questions please contact us.

1) All websites are manually checked by admin to ensure they meet our terms of service. We send you a notification to let you know if your website has been approved or not.

2) We accept websites related to games (e.g. flash games, MMO, RPG, FPS, Virtual Worlds, video-game blogs, video-game forums, etc.)

3) Your website should have a minimum of 1000 unique visitors per day.

4) We accept websites written in any language.

5) We allow a maximum of 3 of our ads per page, using always different banner sizes. You can use ads from other ad networks on the same pages with our ads.

6) Websites with too much intrusive advertising will not be approved, e.g. showing more than one pop-under per user session, or an ad that covers the whole page.

7) Banners should be placed at least 20 pixels away from any dynamic Flash content or playing area.

8) We don't accept traffic from "get paid to read", manual surf, automatic surf or similar programs.

9) Any cheating or attempt of cheating will have the account of the publisher frozen and all earnings forfeited. Examples of cheating include: a) Clicking on your own ads, b) Encouraging your users to click on the ads.

10) It is prohibited to alter the code provided for your website(s).